MANTAS Fan meeting (Guitar & Talk Show)

Japan based UPP-tone music hosts Zoom-Fan meeting October 31st at 12:00 Japan time (12pm GMT).

MANTAS Venom Inc.
Fan meeting(Guitar & Talk Show)
Jeff Dunn, MANTAS of Venom, Venom Inc., tells us about Venom Inc.’s new album and anecdotes from the Venom era! !!

[Host] UPP-tone music Hiromi Sugou
[Moderator] Glenn Williams
[Interpreter] Mariko Kawahara

Participation: Zoom
Date: October 31st (Sat) 21: 00- (Japan Time)
Time: 30 minutes
Price: Free

MANTAS: Fan Meeting
Time: October 31, 2020 20:30 test meeting 21:00 Start

Meeting ID: 878 6938 8617
Passcode: 190289

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New York 07:00
Toronto 08:00
London 12:00
Japan 21:00
Sydney 22:00