Relatos de Quarentena

The book presents reports from 25 people from the art, retail, entertainment and social sectors, all given in April and May 2020 in order to state how they have been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to illustrate their views on the current scenario and prospects for the future. Some of the participants are: Tony Dolan (Venom Inc), Carlos Lopes (Dorsal Atlântica), Zândhio Huku (Arandu Arakuaa) Justin Sullivan (New Model Army), Mauro Codeluppi (Raw Power), Leather Leone (Chastain), Jeff Monson (MMA fighter), Edu Lane (Tumba Produções and Nervochaos), Michael Alago (executive music producer), Fausto Mucin (owner of Die Hard record store), Walcir Chalas (owner of Woodstock record store), Luís Lamelas (owner of Glam-O-Rama record store), David Tangye (Ozzy Osbourne’s roadie in the 70s), Martin Popoff (writer).
Editora Denfire started in Brazil in 2018 with the book OFFLINE: Sondando o Underground, a compilation of interviews and gig reviews that the author, Denfire, did in the UK as a mag correspondent during the ten year period he lived in London. Among the interviewees are: Jeff Mantas, Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins, Lemmy Kilmister, Mick Box, Mille Petrozza, Gizz Butt, Rick Rozz, Paul Speckmann, Ruyter Suys, Chris Jericho, Brian Tatler, Bobby Liebling, among many others.
The next book to hit the shops will be Black Funeral: A História do Mercyful Fate by Martin Popoff – who already has two of his books released by Editora Denfire.

Book Details:
Size A5
Couchè paper 115g
60 pages
1st Edition June 2020 Authors: Denfire and Tami Fernandes
Available throughout Brazil: