Warheads Inc - Official Venom Inc fan Club

Welcome to Warheads Inc, the official Venom Inc Fan club. Do you Bleed Metal? Are you Forged In Hell, Blood Stained and do you Kneel To No God? Then pledge yourself to Black n’ Roll and join Warheads Inc.

Every deity needs a church to receive praise and offers. Founded and run by Unholy Father Winston Arntz, Warheads Inc’s main goal is to maintain and strengthen the contact between Venom Inc and their fans. Warheads Inc brings raffles, contests and news directly from the most reliable source: Venom Inc itself.

demolition man, Unholy Father and Frantic Friar

Warheads Inc Unholy Father Winston (center), Frantic Friar Jeroen (right) and Demolition Man discussing very important and very secret fanclub matters. In a Londen public venue. Very loudly.

The Unholy Father is aided by Frantic Friar Jeroen Knippers and Vicious Vicar Marcel Klomp. If you have any questions about the fan club you can contact Winston via email: warheadsinc@venom-inc.co.uk
For any website related questions please contact Marcel at website@venom-inc.co.uk.

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A special shout-out to Alessandro Bruno also known as Azmeroth Graphic Designer for creating our new and trully stunning ‘venomized’ Warheads Inc logo!

Paid membership is here!

Exciting news! We have opened the official Warheads Inc webshop. This wil be the place to get your Warheads Inc goodies in the future but even better – starting from now – it is the place to get your full Fan Club membership.
Believe us, you will want to!

Card and Patch ImpressionOnce you are a Warhead you will receive the following;
– A laminated and personalized fan card (credit card size)
– A Warheads Inc patch
– A Warheads Inc button
– A digital, high resolution image of the band (for wallpaper, print a.o.)

Membership will get you special discounts at the merchandise stand, give you access to meet and greet events with the band (when possible) at concerts and your membership number will be used for special events like contests, draws and such.

For the first year of membership you pay € 16,66 and for the following years € 6,66 per year.

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